Are you Dreading Tax Season?

For this episode of VBytes, we brought in tax expert Elizabeth Hale for a Q&A session with our CEO, J.P. Dahdah. Not only is Elizabeth a CPA - she’s also a Vantage client!

In this video, Elizabeth provides a unique perspective on investing and its tax implications including:

  • Common misconceptions around Self-Directed IRAs (1:58)
  • Why real estate is still a good investment (11:55)
  • The difference between Self-Directed IRAs and Traditional Brokerage IRAs (20:15)
  • Tax deadlines and forms you need to be aware of such as 5498, 1099-R, 990T (24:02)
  • Why she suggests finding the right partner to guide you on this path (32:28)

While you may not look forward to tax season, hopefully the information Elizabeth shares will help you feel more prepared.

Meet Elizabeth Hale, Founder & CEO of eeCPA

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