Are you familiar with Self-Directed IRAs?

There are many different types of IRAs. But not everyone is aware of one kind that helps diversify their investments, have more flexibility, and protect against stock market volatility. Meet the Self-Directed IRA. One of the best-kept secrets in investing since 1974.

Traditional IRAs vs. Self-Directed IRAs

While both traditional IRAs and Self-Directed IRAs are great options for your retirement assets, it’s important to know about all your options so you can choose what’s best for your financial future.

Most people are familiar with traditional brokerage IRAs. These IRA’s focus mainly on stock market-based investments. Your money is subject to the ups and downs of the stock market and limited to publicly traded investments.

However, Self-Directed IRAs allow the flexibility to put your money in private market investments, such as real estate and private companies, which are more stable than publicly-traded investments and still offer diversification.

There are several other differences between these two types of IRAs that you should know. Download our infographic outlining the key differences between traditional IRAs and Self- Directed IRAs to see if it’s time to make a move with your money.

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