What is an IRA LLC?

If you’re in the business of managing your retirement plan, then you may also want to be in the business of an IRA LLC.

An IRA LLC, or a Checkbook Control IRA, is when a Self-Directed IRA owner forms a Limited Liability Company (LLC) listing the IRA as the 100% Member of the LLC. As the owner of the Self-Directed IRA, you can choose to be your own boss, or give someone else the title of Manager.

To find out more, watch the video and learn the following:

  • Understand the IRA LLC structure and how it differs from a traditional LLC
  • Know who can manage your IRA LLC
  • See the flow of financial transactions (and how you can reduce fees)

There’s more . . . Get your free copy of The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA Structure to take a deeper dive into the IRA LLC world. The guide provides more detail on how the IRA LLC works, how to form an IRA LCC, the rules and regulations around an IRA LLC, and more!

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